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What are the supply chain and working of Amazon website?

Since Amazon is such a big company it has a lot of shares sold and it is called as AMZN (AMZN stock) and gets lots of orders almost every day, there must be a chain which they follow like they first receive the order, and then they will check the warehouse for the product, and if it’s not available, they will check elsewhere and then try to send the product to their customer.

More technically, Amazon has centres named cross-dock centre, fulfilmentcentre, sortation centre, delivery station, prime now hub, prime air hub etc.

There is the total of 75 fulfilmentcentres, 25 sortation centres with over 1,25,000 employees and they are responsible for checking the condition of the incoming product, placing the goods in storage, recording their location, and at time of delivery removing the info about storage from the computer and bringing the product to the delivery station.

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A computer has a location tag of where every package that has to be sent in different locations. They also have the computer on work to track the location of every package, whether it has been delivered or not.

How does the website work and what is special in it

The domain name of the website is, where at least more than 600 million people visit their website and browse through it to find the product which they want.

Review:- According to Alexa, calculating Amazon is said to be the four largest websites to be visited during Christmas time because a lot of people buy gifts at that time of the year.

All the users who visit the website can leave a review on the scale of 1 – 5 stars after they have completed shopping on the website so that Amazon can make changes in their website if anything is wrong with it.

  • Content search :- 

There is a search box on top where you can search for the item you want, and Amazon will check its warehouse and tell you the availability and appearance of the product.

  • Third-party seller:-

Amazon allows other retail shop owners to put up their own product on the website so that if they want to get a local product, then they can get it by just ordering it from the website which will then assign a delivery man to go to the particular shop and buy the thing which the customer wants and then deliver it to them after the payment has been made by them.You can check more information at