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Durian: what is it and what are its properties

Durian: properties

Listing the substances contained in Durian is not enough to give an idea of ​​its importance in the diet of many people, of those who can consume it frequently. Due to its nutritional richness it has already been considered a “superfood” for several years, after its antioxidant properties have been proven best durian delivery singapore.

It contains a lot of ascorbic acid , only salak, mangosteen and kiwi surpass it, but it is the best if you go to evaluate the flavonoid content, it has ten times as much as other fruits. In particular, in Durian we find caffeic acid and quercetin which are known for their antiviral and preventive effects against tumors.

This fruit also has the primacy as regards the dose of anthocyanins, it has double the amount of salak, and after the mango it is the fruit that contains more beta-carotene. Among the properties of this fruit there is also that of regulating cholesterol. It prevents atherosclerosis and is very rich in vitamins B1, B6, C, B2 . It also has tryptophan, metabolized as serotonin, therefore has a sleep regulating effect and can help in case of insomnia or anxiety attacks.

Durian: smell

Before learning how to eat a Durian it is very important to also know its dark and negative sides. In this case we only have one to mention but that many do not overlook and it is its smell. It is literally disgusting, often to describe it is associated with the smell of carcasses. And to think that it has nothing to do with the taste of the pulp which is very exquisite.